Re: [tomato] Rotten tomato bottoms

Doreen Howard (
Sat, 5 Jun 1999 21:14:39 -0500

Blossom end rot.  It's the lack of calcium available to the fruit that
causes the black bottom and rot.  Calcium is plentiful in the soil, but
uneven watering habits prevent its transfer on a regular basis. Soil
moisture transports many trace minerals, including calcium to tomato fruit
cells.  Somewhere, some time, your soil dried out and broke the chain of
calcium from the dirt to the fruit.   SO to prevent this happening
again...water regularly--preferably with a drip system or soaker hose-- and
apply a thick layer of mulch to conserve soil moisture.
Doreen Howard
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Date: Saturday, June 05, 1999 5:06 PM
Subject: [tomato] Rotten tomato bottoms

>Yesterday I pulled two Terrific breed tomatoes off the vine because they
>black on the bottem and appeared to be rotting (although the tops looked
>normal). Today I noticed another of my tomatoes
>( Mr. Stripey breed) might be beginning to have the same problem. What is
>probably going on?
> Thanks,
> --Michael