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Mortgage Lifter VFN has those VFN traits bred into it, and then it was
stabilized as an OP.  All OP's, if you save seed from year to year, tend to
develop resistance or tolerance to the local diseases.  Don't know Chuck
Wyatt's URL.  Ask on the list.  Garden Peach is the tomato you read about in
OG.  I've grown it for years, and yes, it does resemble a peach--yellow with
pink blush and fuzzy.  The taste is on the fruity side, but it still tastes
like a sweet tomato.  I have seeds if you'd like some.  I save lots of seed.
Send you address.
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Date: Tuesday, June 08, 1999 4:28 PM
Subject: [tomato] a few questions

>A few questions:
>What is the difference between Mortgage Lifter VFN and ML R Charlie's?
>Both are described as disease resistant, but perhaps the ML VFN is more so?
>What is Chuck Wyatt's url so that I can peruse his seeds?  He gives
>wonderful advice and I'm interested in seeing what he sells.
>Finally, I read about a peach tomato in Organic Gardening that (surprise!)
>looks and tastes somewhat like a peach.  Does anyone know where I can get
>this seed?
>My tomatoes are doing great, especially Early Girl which is just growing
>like crazy and has tons o' fruit.  Unfortunately, I only planted one
>heirloom (Quarter Century), but I've already decided that next year I'm
>going to try almost all heirlooms.
>zone 9