Re: [tomato] USDA Tomato Seeds

Doreen Howard (
Thu, 10 Jun 1999 20:53:17 -0500

I got seed of a high beta-carotene determinate tomato with orange pigmented
fruit from Jim Waltrip at Semenis Seeds to try.  It will be in their 2000
inventory.  Is this the same tomato?  Studies at various universities and
USDA research stations proved that this tomato contains 5 to 20 times the
beta-carotene of a normal tomato.  The range is due to climate and soil of
various trials.
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From: Gene Robles <>
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Date: Thursday, June 10, 1999 7:07 PM
Subject: [tomato] USDA Tomato Seeds

>Tantrika:  I don't know what "terminator" seeds are; sounds kinda funerial.
>The seeds I got from the USDA are  the release of three new tomato breeding
>lines that produce fruit with high beta-carotene content ( Lycopersicon
>esculentum Mill.).  Apparently, they will have orange pigmented fruit.
>will tell.