RE: [tomato] Book on Heirlooms (
Thu, 17 Jun 1999 15:15:38 -0400

Gene wrote:
punch in Carolyn Male and it will tell you the publisher is out of stock as

Gene, the book isn't in the distribution pipeline yet, as I understand it. I
think it's definitely that is worth the wait--probably no more than a couple
of weeks from now. Dr. Male is a long-time seed saver and respected tomato

But if you can't wait, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's "Tantalizing Tomatoes"
is still one of the best books out there for home gardeners interested in
growing tomatoes. It does a really good job of handling the issue of how
different varieties of tomatoes (both open pollinated and hybrid) perform in
different geographic areas. A variety that does well in Virginia may perform
badly in Santa Fe, etc. And performance applies to multiple characteristics:
vigor, disease resistance, taste.  The book is $9.95 -- and I've seen it for
less in many bookstores.

Firefly's "The Tomato Handbook" by Jennifer Bennett is another good title.
Good chapter on disease and pest management, too, with emphasis on organic

Catharine/Atlanta, zone 7b