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Thu, 17 Jun 1999 17:44:28 -0400

Kim wrote:
Have also
heard about Amish paste.  Where could I find information specifically about
the Amish tomato varieties?

Kim, Amish Paste traces back to an Amish family in Ohio. However, a lot of
tomato varieties that are sold as and/or called Amish in origin may or may
not be Amish in origin. Golden Queen, introduced in the mid-1880s by
Livingston is one that may or may not be Amish in ultimate origin, for

If you're interested in reading about the origins of a good number of
heirlooms, "Livingston and the Tomato" by the 19th century seedsman
Alexander Livingston is a good place to start. The book has been reissued by
Ohio State University Press in the past year. Alexander Smith prepared the
foreward and appendix; it's an excellent reference and Livingston's prose is

Catharine/ATlanta, zone 7b