[tomato] TMV

Byron (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Fri, 18 Jun 1999 08:54:37 -0400


Then he quotes a "Philip Morris professor" to uphold his claim that
tobacco  isn't a major factor in solanaceae in the U.S.  Wow!
How objective! Is anyone surprised that the fellow is not going to knock
tobacco?  You can even find a creationist among the ranks of university
scientists.  I'd like to put the sock in Byron.  Margaret L

You appear to be just like the rest of the ranters. You only read one
or 2 words then hit the rant button. 

Controling TMV in tobacco is just as important as controling it in 
tomatoes and peppers, to the tobacco growers. 

If you read beyond Dr. Meltons sig, You would have found Dr. O.W. Barnett
who the Director Of Plant Pathology at NCSU, and Dr. John Howell,
UMASS Plant pathology. Sorry their credentials outweight yours.

If you also READ that there are 149 other plants that can carry TMV
and TMV can be seed borne. Then I think you missed the whole thing.

What I tried to bring out here was the fact that even if you live
hundreds of miles away from any tobacco crop and you do not
use tobacco products you can still get TMV. 

I also tried to point out because of the very low amount of TMV in
Tobacco might explain why so many smokers do not pass on
TMV to their plants. I am not saying it can not happen.

The concept of only tobacco and tobacco users spread this disease
was a 1890's conclusion. 

As far as JB's Forumla, I have shown that the probability  of spreading
disease is extremly slim. 

flip side of the coin

YOU prove that it can spread TMV.