Re: [tomato] Watering Container Grown Tomatoes (
Fri, 18 Jun 1999 14:51:15 -0700


Two things have worked for me- One is to keep the pot in a saucer so that
water will rise back up from the bottom instead of running down onto the
When not needed, excess water can be removed with a turkey baster. Once in a
while, a thorough flushing of the pots with lots of water will help keep
salt levels down.
Another method is to use individual pot drippers. Mine were by Rainbird from
Home Depot a couple of years ago. Equipped with a timer, you can turn them
on and forget about it.


->So my question to you container gardeners.  How do you THOROUGHLY water
>container plants throughout the season?  For me, as soon as the top of the
>potting soil gets dry, it becomes very difficult to get the water to
>penetrate evenly.  It seems that the water just finds the easiest path to
>the drain hole without really soaking the soil.  I use plastic mulch and
>tried lightly cultivating the top soil but that only seems to get the top
>inch or so moist.
>What works for you?