[tomato] Cherokee Purple, Big Rainbow

ChuckWyatt/Md/Z7 (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Sun, 20 Jun 1999 09:04:14 -0400

When I am expected to reply, please indicate to whom the message is
directed.  IE Hi Chuck, Dear Chuck, Hello Chuck, etc.  It would also be
nice to have a name shown at the end so folks can tell who they are writing
to.  Our R Email systems differ in their header info and some of you use
bizarre nicknames.

SOMEBODY  wrote the following: >>I'm sure Chuck has grown these, but I'm
curious whether either of these
could be grown in containers.  I have them in peat pots as seedlings in my
green house now, and containers it will probably have to be as I've run out
of room in my raised beds (every year it's the same...too many plants!
Greedy aren't I?).

so, Big Rainbow?  Cherokee Purple?  I know my sweet 100's will be ok....<<

I generally avoid containers and hardly ever grow tomatoes in them.  Most
of the few varieties I have tried  have proven, at best, only marginally
satisfactory.  The only exception has been Red Robin, a dwarf which does
well even when grown under glass.  There is a lot of root that goes with a
big indeterminate plant and this is usually crowded in a container.

I always have extra transplants too and usually give them to friends. 
After several years there are numerous plant merchants who are eager to get
my discards.