Re: [tomato] Tomato Digest V1 #252

margaret lauterbach (
Tue, 29 Jun 1999 09:36:49 -0600

At 08:46 AM 6/29/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Well, don't know that we have a "roundup proof cultivar", but even the
>down here states that roundup may not be real affective on mature stands
of poison
>ivy.  The most affective "spray" period is mid-late March or early April,
>after knew leaf development or immediately around bloom stage, with
>applications as needed, depending on stand establishment and maturity.
Once the
>plant has been allowed to progress past blooming, the leaves and plant
appear to be
>much hardier.  There is a big difference between a well established stand
and a
>stand that is in the beginning stages of development.
>My folks just recently spent 150+ dollars on round-up and all they did to an
>established stand on their lot is make it "kinda" sickly, then it was
over.  The few
>sick leaves that existed showed no evidence of chemical treatment after 2
>They were to the point of wanting to spray it all down with gasoline, but
that could
>be more hazardous than applications of roundup with wild abandon.
>I recommended they wait until this winter and cut every vine on the
property, then
>hit the new leaf buds with diesel as soon as they appear.  They have
>vines on their place that are 5 inches thick.  It will undoubtedly take
them a few
>years to eradicate these vines from their property.  And diesel has proven
to be
>very affective when used in the "optimal" window for doing the most damage.
>> Leave it to Texas to have a Roundup proof cultivar of poison ivy.
Roundup works
>> worth two or three flips on the vine here in Maryland. :-)
>> Ed Flynn  Md zone 6/7
>But, ya know, things are always bigger and better and hardier in Texas!!
>Paul Reynolds
>Environmental Agronomist
>Austin Texas
Brush-B-Gone doesn't work? I'd try that in preference to Roundup.  Margaret