RE: [tomato] Great Book

William McKay (
Fri, 02 Jul 1999 05:18:13 PDT

RE Black from Tula in New England.  I do not know if any of the ITG tomatoes 
are Black from Tula, but I do have three or four started with Chuck's seeds. 
  Looks like I have a few more weeks before they ripen.  Will let you know 
about coloring.  I can say that I was very impressed as to their ability to 
set fruit.  I put my tomatoes out early this year (mid May as opposed to the 
traditional Memorial Day planting) and had problems with fruit set on the 
first clusters on some of the tomatoes(especially Prudens Purple, Eva Purple 
Ball, etc.) However, even though it was cool in late may, the Black from 
Tula had an especially good fruit.  This was also the case with all the 
Russian tomatoes I have (Caspian Pink, Silvery Fir).  The Stupice also did 
very well.

Is this a trait common to Russian tomatoes?

Off the topic of tomatoes, a question on eggplant.  Has anyone ever grown 
Manjra Goti, an Indian eggplant.  I have a few which have fruit the size of 
an extra large egg.  Beautiful fruit (purple & white stripes).  The question 
is, how large do they get before they should be harvested?

Bill McKay in E. Mass (where so far it has been a woodchuck free year-not 
that they didn't try).

Some New England and Pacific Northwest
>growers are trialing it with me this year; I'm curious to see how it stacks
>up when grown under coolish summer conditions. It won't develop as much of
>the 'black' color; but it should be an interesting comparison.
>Catharine/Atlanta, zone 7b

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