RE: [tomato] Great Book

margaret lauterbach (
Fri, 02 Jul 1999 08:59:16 -0600

>Many of the Russian/Siberian varieties consistently demonstrate a
>significantly above average ability to set and matuire good fruit in extreme
>weather conditions of either/both heat and cold. A couple of growers in
>Texas who regularly grow out 100-200 varieties of o.p. varieties swear by
>the Russian varieties, as do experienced growers and seed savers in the high
>desert, Montana, Florida. I've grown Black from Tula for the past four
>years. Three years ago in Atlanta it was my most productive variety....and
>second in overall taste. It was still producing in November and I picked
>first fruit in late May. That's unusual for Atlanta.
Now this may be partly my fault because I only have given varieties one try
and they either become favorites or they're out. They have no chance to
acclimate. The only Russian variety I've been impressed with was Black
Krim. I know Bill McDorman (High Altitude Gardening, Hailey, ID) has been
favorably impressed with several Russian varieties because he has brought
the seeds to the US and offers them in his catalog. 

What was the first in overall taste, Catharine? Margaret L