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Mon, 05 Jul 1999 00:13:39 -0700

>Winter rains don't water summer squash. Margaret L

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That's really not how the seasons work here, Margaret.  

For it to be a drought would mean our water tables being much lower than
normal.  In fact our rains lasted much longer than normal this year, so we
have an abundance to our water table.  I think that "drought" may be the
wrong word.

from Mirriam's On-line dictionary:  drought \Drought\, n. [OE. droght,
drougth, dru??, AS. druga?, from drugian to dry. See Dry, and cf. Drouth,
which shows the original final sound.] 1. Dryness; want of rain or of
water; especially, such dryness of the weather as affects the earth, and
prevents the growth of plants; aridity.

drought n 1: a temporary shortage of rainfall 2: a prolonged shortage 

Normally when we use the word "drought" in California under definition #2

I know it's semantical, but we rarely use that word in CA to just refer to
the time when the rains don't fall in abundance, it's normally to refer to
times when we've been lacking enormously in rain in our normal seasons.

So we aren't suffering from a "drought" just the normal slacking off of
rain which is actually a bit late in happening, and is a part of the normal
climate.  So I don't think that's the problem, and I'm sure Mary-Anne is
watering correctly as most gardeners do in CA.  None of us are on shortage

Maybe it's just sunburn. Or maybe the plants just were a bit shocked by 107
degree temperature, which I still have a hard time fathoming, especially in

Thanks for the greenhouse info, hopefully that will work.