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I just received my copy of 100 heirloom tomatoes, and the pictures alone are
worth the price of the book.  I will enjoy reading it.  I just planted two
"heatwave" tomato plants I purchased locally.  I don't know how they will
make out, my other tomato plants I planted the beginning of the year are on
their way out.  Everyone was jealous when I enjoyed my early tomatoes, but
now you guys are having your season while mine is decreasing.

How about those above 100 degree temps in the NorthEast?  I tell my
friends....come on down to chilly Florida!

Pete, Zone 10, South Florida

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I agree, Bill.  I'm new to this forum, and I look forward to positive tomato
talk that was present just a few weeks ago.  We are all TOMATO
NUTS.............NOT JUST NUTS.   Let's call off this negative banter, and
get back to the things we really like.

If anyone else agees, let's hear from you.

Gene...Boulder Creek CA    Zoned Out in #8