Re: [tomato] list--ATTN REAL LIST OWNER (
Wed, 7 Jul 1999 08:15:37 EDT

Margaret, what about the sunburned tomatoes you were advising folks in New 
Hampshire to worry about.  Or about your accusation that Byron was spreading 
TMV because he smokes.  This is an internet list, and you don't have to worry 
yourself about "Newbies" as most of them are probably more aware than you of 
that fact.  You and your buddy Chuck have used that excuse every time someone 
other than yourselves has an opinion.  I've seen you do it to Byron, and 
Thomas, and others.  You and Chuck both claim it is because you are so 
worried for the newcomers, thus you don't delete others posts, you don't post 
to the individual privately, and you make the list a flame war.  I have 
signed off every gardening list that you are on because you behave this way, 
and I've asked you to stop that kind of behavior on this list because I 
wanted to learn something about tomatoes.  Don't bother responding in the 
same vein to me, as I enjoy gardening too much to make you and "your list" 
any part of it any more.  I'd rather grow flowers that put up with this list 
with you on it.    I hope the real list owner cares.  

Linda Kuczwanski

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 At 12:15 PM 7/6/99 -0400, you wrote:
 >Chuck and Margaret. et al
 blither, blither, blither
 There isn't much that would give me greater pleasure to delete your posts
 before reading, Byron, except that you're a loose cannon who might mislead
 a beginning gardener. I don't think there's another person on Internet who
 is as unknowledgeable though giving "advice." I think somewhere among that
 blither you said that insects come in round numbers. That isn't true
 either. Margaret