RE: [tomato] Beautiful Pix

ChuckWyatt/Md/Z7 (
Wed, 7 Jul 1999 16:02:36 -0400

Hi Margaret,

I haven't noticed any major cracking problems with "Super Sioux" although I
really don't remember having paid any particular attention.  What impresses
me most is its great production in hot weather.  I remember Steve Parton of
Melbourne saying "You Yanks finally got a good tomato for our warm weather
in Super Sioux."  They regularly see temps of over 110 F there.

"Druzba" has always been relatively crack free for me, too.  I would
consider "Druzba" to be one of the foremost all round tomato varieties. 
The problem with making lists is that there must always be a "last one."
<G>  I could have included "Burbank" which is another super variety.

How are you feeling?  The heat is about to get me.  This may be the year
when I start to slow down.  188 'maters is getting to be too much.  I was
intending to slow down this year but Carolyn sent me a bunch of seeds that
were of varieties for her book that I wasn't yet  As we
speak I have all of her varieties either in the garden or in the seed

I saw a trick that impressed me today.  We usually experience cooler
weather during the first two or three weeks of May with a frost free date
of May 1st. Connie Newton got some plants from me and put them in the same
concrete reinforcement wire cages that I use but put a foot high strip of
roofing felt around bottoms of the cages.  The plants so grown are
definitely ahead of the others.

Silvery Fir Tree has impressed me this year.  I think I still have time so
I MAY try it in a pot on my deck this Summer.