[tomato] problems!!!

Lindakj219@aol.com (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Fri, 23 Jul 1999 05:03:04 EDT

I have tomatoes growing in pots. What causes the leaves to curl upward? The 
Beefsteaks have the problem, but the Celebrities do not. Further problems: 
One of my gardners sprayed my roses with a strong solution of Malathion (50% 
strength) and sprayed the tomatoes too which burned some of the leaves and 
completely wiped out most all of the blooms. He also fed the roses with a 
very high nitrogen fertilizer, and you guessed it, the tomatoes also. He said 
it was a very slow release nitrogen, would last for 3 months. I know that 
will increase the vine growth, but I wanted to increase the potassium level 
for friut production. What can I do now, if anything? Up until this happened, 
I'd been watering 1 gal per plant daily in a.m., then had to add another gal 
in p.m. when it got very hot, as they were wilting by morning.  I was using 
Miracle Grow, 1/2 strength once a week. Now I don't know what to do except 
water. Any suggestions?
I had a real problem with blossem end rot in previous years and I know it is 
often caused by uneven watering, so should I still continue the 2 gals, now 
that it has cooled off? It has been unseasonably cool for this time of year 
and is expected to continue for at least another week.
I would really appreciate any help you can offer.
Thanks so much.