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Hi Chuck, would cuttings from the top 6" of tomato plants benefit from the
"take-root" and other rooting powders?  Is it safe?  I had a tomato plant
where only 3 seeds germinated (not yours)  but it was already too late in
the season in the hot South Florida zone 10.  I cut off 8 cuttings of about
4-5 inches, dipped it "take-root" and put it on top of the infamous fungi in
a 3 1/2" peat pot.  It has been a week, and the cuttings (which have minimal
foliage are still green and turgid (did I use that word right?)  There isn't
any growth visible, but I'm hoping that all the energy is being diverted to
forming roots.  I also did the same with an oriental eggplant and a sweet
pepper, and those look like their on the way out....

Do you think the rooting powder helped or hindered in any way?

Pete, Zone 10, South Florida

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Hi Joy,

I would take off the flowers too.  At this stage the forming roots are not
able to support more than minimal foliage. Anything that is out in the air
will just act like a wick and dry out the plant.

>>I'll remove the bottom leaves on the vine.  It's about 14" long.<<  Why
don't you cut off all but the top 6" or so and stick 3" of that into the
ground?  On second thought, since you have already had it soaking for some
time it might be better to leave well enough alone. New roots may have
already started. Often, greenhouse operators cut off 6" shoots and root
them for the next crop.  You get an exact clone that way.

Our Summer has been insufferably hot and dry with a welcome break three
days ago.  The first significant rain since April dropped 4" onto us in one
night.  My truck windows were open and I got a wet but!  Now the
germinating weeds are unbelievable and it's too wet to get into the field.
I have all sorts of 'maters coming ripe at once, making it tough to process
seed as I should.  It's back in the high nineties and feels like a sauna
outside. The cat doesn't even want out!