[tomato] Poor planning...

Greg Park (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Mon, 2 Aug 1999 18:13:45 -0700

Hello all,

I've got 40 heirloom tomato plants, 10 different indeterminate varieties - 4
of each).  I've never really grown indeterminate varieties before and now,
I'm realizing that I really didn't give these babies enough space.  I have
them in 4 raised beds, whose dimensions are 6' x 8'.   Each plant is about
1-1/2 feet away from the next.  They are arranged in 2 rows of 5 plants,
with every other plant being offset (jeez, this is hard to describe!).

Anyhow, now that the plants are growing thick and strong, they are really
encroaching upon one another.  My question is do you think pruning the
suckers and/or some branches would benefit the plants by 'thinning' out the
foliage?  I've been told that proper spacing is really key to avoiding
disease (via better airflow, etc.)  So far, I've used no anti fugal agents
and am using a drip irrigation system under black plastic mulch.  Each plant
has 3, 4 foot bamboo supports arranged teepee fashion for support.  We've
had no rain here in sunny southern California and I've had no disease

I understand that pruning may reduce overall production but that's not a big
concern...I'm pretty sure I'll still have way too many :^)  I'm more
concerned with preventing a major outbreak.

All opinions appreciated.

Best regards,

Zone 10, Santa Monica, CA