Re: [tomato] silvery fir tree

William McKay (
Fri, 06 Aug 1999 05:34:38 PDT

I also grew Silvery Fir and have mixed feelings.  It is early;  it also sets 
fruit in really cool & hot weather (my tomatoes went out in mid May, very 
early for New England) and the Silvery Fir set fruit while many other 
heirlooms did not set the first truss.  Also, they do not taste bad.  My 
only problem with them is that they have a pretty thick skin.  For what it 
is worth, I grew several other Russian tomatoes - Black from Tula & Caspian 
Pink.  These too set fruit under very adverse conditions.  To my mind, they 
also taste a whole lot better.
The thing that most impresses me about the Silvery Fir is that the plants 
look pretty - very ornamental - and they are quite compact.  I planted two 
of them in barrels outside of my office rather than the usual flowers.  They 
look great and passers by are encouraged to take ripe ones.

Bill McKay in Eastern Massachusetts
>I'm so pleased with the Silvery Fir Tree tomatoes that I planted this
>summer.  So far they really hung in there and managed to set fruit during
>this drought and heat wave in New York while all my other tomatoes dropped
>their flowers twice before managing to set a small amount of fruit.  So far
>all is still green, but I also got a late start this Spring.  They're
>growing in a very compact way (maybe 2-3 feet tall, and very roundish) and
>I'm wondering if anyone who's grown them regularly can tell me, is this
>their normal growth?  I'm not certain whether it's normal, or perhaps due
>to the weather.
>Regards, Laurie
>Wappingers Falls, NY

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