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Ron Hay (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Tue, 10 Aug 1999 08:21:49 -0700

Have been busy canning tomatoes! We only have a small tomato patch, about 25'
long and about 5' wide, but it has been prodigously productive, even in our
weird cool Los Angeles summer. Picked about 30 lbs of Romas from our 3 (!)
plants in the last two weeks, wash buckets full of Burpee's "Large cherry
tomatoes." The Big Girls are really coming into their own now, along with the
early girl. Big boy was a bit of a disappointment, but attribute that to our
very cool nights of late.

Still in all, we have had a prodigously productive tomatoe patch, and have
been enjoying eating them right from the garden, made into wonderful pasta
sauces, and in various Indian dishes. What a treat!

Van Nuys, CA

Orchid wrote:

> Hello?
> Anyone Home?
> Anybody from the tomato list around?  It's sure been quiet here.  Are you
> guys too busy eating your tomatoes?  Let's see some wild tomato talk!!
> Pete, South Florida, Zone 10
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