[tomato] Hot Pepper Hands--Update

Doreen Howard (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Thu, 12 Aug 1999 11:04:42 -0500

Thanks to everyone who suggested remedies for my burning hands--due to
roasting and peeling more than a gallon of Jalapenos and Habaneros.  I had
tried some of them already--the milk, bleach and butter--with no success.
What did finally work--after almost 24 hours of misery--was aloe vera gel,
which I bought at a local health food store.  It really does work.  I got
instant relief.  As far as peeling that many hot peppers again--forget it!!
My husband can do it himself.  It was for he I peeled all those babies to
make a super-hot flame-burner salsa.  It's impossible to get the skins off
peppers while wearing gloves--even surgical gloves.  I tried.  I'm thinking
about using a rock tumbler next time to abrade the skins!!!
Doreen Howard
Zone 5b, where we finally got some rain!