[tomato] Did I leave anything out?

Orchid (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Fri, 13 Aug 1999 21:43:51 -0400

Well, although I'm planting the bulk of my tomato seedlings in the "big"
garden later this month, I did plant some tomatoes in my "small" garden.  I
sowed the seeds in the flats on a bed of mycorhizal fungi powder.  I
transplanted some into 2 1/2" peat pots, and others into large red dixie
cups.  Three weeks ago I turned over 6" of soil, and amended it with bone
meal, some blood meal, Organic low analysis fertilizer, some sand, composted
cow manure & a few bags of humus.  I then dusted it with some crushed
volcanic minerals.  I went out and bought a few bales of Pine straw (pine
needle).  While I was buying the pine needles I saw that they sold worm
castings by the bag.  It was expensive at $9.95 a bag, so I bought one to
use on the small garden.  In the hole I dug for each tomato seedling, I put
the eggshells of two eggs, a small amount of worm castings, and a half
teaspoon of the Mycorhizal powder.  Then I covered the garden with the Pine
straw mulch, but kept it about 3 inches from the tomato plants.  I watered
them well, and for just a moment I thought about bringing over a "faith
healer" to say a few words.  I skipped the faith healer, but said a prayer
myself.  Did I miss anything?  My luck, a hurricane will whip by and screw
the whole thing up.  Wish me luck, I'll let you know when I plant the "main"

Pete, South Florida, Zone 10