[tomato] sour rot

Byron (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Sun, 15 Aug 1999 14:41:26 -0400

a couple notes I had on plant diseases.
My problem is that none of these diseases fit the photo given.
If someone can show me a site that matches that I really would like
to know.

Rhizoctonia fruit rot is normally associated with tomatoes sitting on the
ground. And a soil disease. 
The following site is a Calif seed testing comapany that test seeds
for the following seed borne diseases. Plus others.


Phytophthora capsici; blight
Phytophthora infestans; late blight
Phytophthora spp.; Buck eye rot

Alternaria; alternata stem canker, black mold
Alternaria solani; early blight
Alternaria; tomato nail head spot

Phythium, I found a few sites that say this disease can be seed borne in 
sugar beets and beans.  Why not tomaotes ??

If you go to this site and type in Phythium rot you can find it.

Ohio fact sheet