Re: [tomato] Anyone heard of "Monster" tomato?

Thomas Giannou (
Tue, 31 Aug 1999 19:34:33 -0700

Dear Dennis,

I found where you can get "monster" tomato seeds, but they don't mention
anything about flavor.   I was looking at an internet site that talked about
an annual contest they have in the State of New Jersey in which an award is
given to the individual who raises the largest tomato each year... the URL
is below.

At this URL:
I found: Monster Tomato Seeds (grows tomatoes up to 1kg) - 20 seeds $4.00

Here's the URL to the New Jersey Contest:
You can also get free seeds from winners of the contest.

Thomas Giannou
Spokane, Washington

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Subject: [tomato] Anyone heard of "Monster" tomato?

> Hi everyone,
> This is the first time I've posted to the tomato list. Hopefully the
> first of many!
> Anyway here is my question. I bought a seed packet of a tomato variety
> called "Monster". Anyone heard of or grown this variety? Did it have a
> nice flavour? All I know about it is that it is a red giant tomato.
> I'd also like to know if it is an F1 hybrid or open-pollinated variety
> so that I may save the seeds or not.
> Thanks,
> Dennis   (in Australia)