[tomato] Befmasters

Ron Hay (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Wed, 01 Sep 1999 16:08:32 -0700

Hello, one and all.

After this bizarre weather in Southern California, in the land where
tomatoes should grow like weeds, at least in the interior valleys, our
Burpee Beefmasters are finally (!) ripening.

I picked one yesterday that weighed in at 1.65 lbs, and see several that
will at least go a pound and a half. Not many, though, period. Our
nights have been too cool, with only a handfull in the 70s, and this
week, we actually turned off the a/c, and had an unheard of daytime high
in Van Nuys of 75 degrees....when we should be about 95. Last night's
low was 56, almost 10 degrees below normal. All of this is making for
precious few beefsteaks...although we are ready for round 2 on our Romas
and Early Girls.

Next year I will just have to try some heirlooms. Any suggestions as to
which types will thrive in zone 9, Sunset zone 21? I would greatly
appreciate any comments.

It's about time I tried growing some from seed, having bought our plants
from the Green Arrow (local)nursery, since Burpee can no longer ship
tomato plants or peppers to California.

Thanks again.

Van Nuys, CA