RE: [tomato] Indoor container tomatoes (
Fri, 3 Sep 1999 09:07:01 -0400

Keith wrote:
Does anybody have suggestions as to what a good indoor container tomato
might be?

A couple to consider:

Tiny Tim (open pollinated/determinate) - was developed at the University of
New HAmpshire in the mid-40s and although it's got a tough skin and it's
flavor is lackluster (imho), it's still a favorite for indoor growing. Why?
A short stem (usually about 15" long and fruit that's usually right at 1"
diameter). Count on about 55 days to first fruit from the time the plants
have a couple sets of true leaves. I think Tomato Growers Supply has this
one; TGS has a web-site for online ordering and are a first-rate company.
I've never had a problem with any seed I've gotten from them.

Toy Boy VF (hybrid.determinate) - nice for pots, hanging baskets and will
work indoors, too. Plants don't exceed 14" height and produce a good amount
of  1 1/2-inch red 'maters. Tomato Growers Supply sells this one, as do many
other seed houses.