RE: [tomato] Great listing of heirlooms online! (
Sun, 5 Sep 1999 03:04:58 -0400

Tom wrote:
     You were right!  Marianne has a very informative web site on tomatoes.
I went there and was amazed that she had a number of my creations.  For
who don't know, I am the original breeder of Green Grape, Green Zebra,
Schimmeig Creg, Banana Legs, Brown Derby, Green Bell Pepper tomato, Elberta
Girl, all of which she includes in her fabulous tomato list.

Tom, you have created some of the greatest tomatoes ever. I've grown all the
above with the exception of Brown Derby....and that one is on my list for
next year. All of them are *wonderful*. Having you as a resource on this
list is fantastic.

Tom wrote:
    I suppose I'll be posting on this board now that I have been lurking for
many months.  I also told the tomato board on AOL about your tomato group
I'll bet you will be flooded with all kinds of new people.  My apologies if
you get too many postings in the future!  Blame me for letting the cat out
the bag!

The "Internet Tomato Gang" is a happy bunch of fellow tomato nuts....about
1,000 strong at the moment. We have a moribund web site that will be
replaced with a new site so people can sign up for the Spring 2000 trials,
but it's not ready yet. Since the mailing list for the "gang" is not an open
list (this great tomato list at global garden is a separate list), it's
probably easiest if anybody wants information about the Internet Tomato
Trials to just drop me an email at Or they can take
a look at the semi-dead web site at

Tom wrote:
     BTW, I have hundreds if not thousands of new varieties to release to
public someday.  Some of my more interesting lines are Brandystripe,
Greensleeves, Verde Claro, Tasmanian Gold, Wagner, Apple Butter, Olympic
Gold, Sweet N Sour,  Painted Merced, New Green Zebra, Christmas Tomato, and
more.  I could describe some if anybody wants to know more about them.
will not be available until I find a way to get them out.  I desire is to
color and flavor into new tomatoes and disease tolerance into Heirlooms.  My
46 years of plant breeding has given me this headstart!

Please describe!! I'd love to learn about them. Is there any way they could
be included in trials without running the risk of your work being diluted or
used without compensation to you?

Catharine/Atlanta, zone 7b