RE: [tomato] Thanks for the welcome (
Sun, 5 Sep 1999 13:08:57 EDT

     Thanks for the welcome!  As a tomato breeder I appreciate the 
opportunity to share some of my ideas about tomatoes.  Catharine and a few 
others sent me private emails and they were enthusiastic.  Thanks, again.

     I will certainly answer as many questions as I can in the future, but I 
don't know everything.  My specialty is breeding and selection but I do go 
off in tangents.  In a previous post, Catharine asked a number of questions 
along with some comments. I will try to submit some of my new varieties for 
trialing.  I will also describe a few of my tomatoes as I have time.  For 
example, Brandystripe is a Brandywine with pink and yellow striped fruit, 
potato leaves with silvery woolly fuzz like Elberta Girl.  It is a large 4 
inch plus fruit with Brandywine's flavor and texture.  I have it as an inbred 
line and as a hybrid.  Both are indeterminate and productive, and tolerates 

    I am always available by email or phone. Email is and 
my phone # is 661 321 0497.  I will have a great fall show and tell tomato 
plot in November if anyone wants to visit me in Bakersfield, California.  My 
thousands of potato varieties will be available for show and tell at that 
time in the field at that time also.  Due to the lack of interest in tomatoes 
I had to cut back my work in tomatoes, and my breeding work in potatoes 
consumes 99% of my time.

     I have a tomato I call Green Chelsea. and Catherine spoke of Chelsea 
Green, the publisher.  Lol  I don't know the folks Catharine mentioned and of 
the book she is writing.

     My Green Zebra is on the cover of  the American Vegetable Grower, 
August, 1999.  If you can get a copy of this magazine, it has a great story 
on Banana Legs too!  Elaine Grassbaugh wants to try my new varieties in Ohio 
next year since she is the author of the article.

I know little about the Internet Tomato thing, so fill me in.

Thanks again for allowing me on this tomato group.

Tom Wagner