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Doreen Howard (
Tue, 12 Oct 1999 19:25:42 -0500

The real reason Monstanto has put Terminator technology on the shelf for now
is that they have their plate full with BT corn and soy beans.  Farmers in
my part of the country (Illinois) where most of these crops are grown are
finally getting the message that genetically-altered crops cost more to grow
(seed is higher) and the price at the grain elevator is lower than
non-genetic crops.  Monstanto is still trying to convince farmers that the
Europeans are paranoid, even though they express their feelings with their
buying power.  All in all, it may be a good time for Brazil and Argentina.
Look for the Terminator technology to reappear.
This is strictly my opinion, and that not that of my employer, spouse or
Doreen Howard
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