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Genetically Modified Food Products

If you want to avoid genetically modified products entirely, stay away from:

non-organic tomatoes
yellow squash
corn syrup and fructose
(which are in almost all beverages and sodas, even health food brands, and
in almost all sweet products, yogurt and aspirin)
non-organic corn oil
corn meal
baking soda
baking powder
glycose syrup
soy flour in baked goods
fillers in meat products (for example Big Macs)
vegetarian meat substitutes
(for example tofu, tofu burgers, tofu hot dogs)
soy milk
infant formula
diet and protein shakes
protein bars
chocolate and candy bars
ice cream
pet food
soy oil in salad dressings and snack chips
soy sauce
lecithin and soy lecithin

In all, well over 30,000 products.

Aspartame--the artificial sweetener Equal or NutraSweet--contains a
genetically engineered enzyme, as do most non-organic cheeses.

Amylase (used in making bread, flour, whole wheat flour, cereals, starch),
Catalase (used in making soft drinks, egg whites, liquid whey) and Lactase
are all genetically altered.

Most livestock and commercial seafood are being fed genetically modified
feed. Commercial pork has been genetically altered with DNA from human

Data from: Phillip Frazer and Annie Berthold-Bond, editors, NEWS ON EARTH,
December, 1998, pg. 4. NEWS ON EARTH [ISSN 1099-0054] is a high- quality
environmental newsletter published monthly; write them at 175 Fifth Avenue,
Ste. 2245, NY, NY 10010; or; or phone (212) 741-2365.

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>At approx 6:45 PM EDT Oct 15, 1999
>Dan Rather, NBC, Announced that Geneticaly Altered Vegetables
>can be toxic to rats.
>There is no legal requirement to identify these vegetables.