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<< Does anyone know how to get in touch with the Tomato Genome Committee or
 the administrators of it?

To William,

I went to the search sites and did not find exactly what you were looking 
for.  But I do know some of the researchers who work with the detail of 
publishing info on trying to complete the genetic markers, genes,etc., on the 
various chromosome arms of the tomato and related species.  Much of the 
information is mumbo jumbo to the average person, but I use the info which 
applies to genetic stock that has the loci info that I need in highly 
expressed plant expressions of said genes.  So much of the genome work is 
with chemical type info that is useless to me.

Is there any thing I could help you with, the genome mapping is boring on the 
various prints that I have seen, but then again, in the eyes of the beholder. 
 If you talk with Roger C. at the Charles Rick collection in Davis, Ca., and 
several people with the Tomato Genetics Cooperative, you may certainly get 
more than you bargained for.