Re: [tomato] getting ready to order seed. Need opinions.

Greg Park (
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 10:23:05 -0700

>Greg, that Riesentraube should have been sweet. also, try Pruden's Purple
>and a Peach tomato. Anna Russian has been a big disappointment to me, and
>I've been persuaded to grow it twice. Neither time did it come close to the
>exuberant descriptions I've read of it. Maybe it just doesn't do well in
>the West. Margaret L

Hi Margaret,

I've heard great things about Pruden's Purple and I'm going to give it a
whirl next spring.  After hearing about your disappointment with Anna
Russian, I'll not give it a 2nd chance...too many others to try.  I've heard
Riesentraube is supposed to be a real fine cherry tom so I'll give her a
second chance.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Best regards,