Re: [tomato] Looking for Texas Wild Tomato Seed

Doreen Howard (
Fri, 10 Dec 1999 20:42:34 -0600

Texas Wild does NOT cross with other tomatoes.  It is not like currant
types--it's a different family.  The anthers do not extend, as do currant
types.  It is true that currant types will cross with anything.  To keep
pure seed, bag blossoms before they open--use floating row cover or cheese
cloth.  And keep them bagged until tiny fruit appears.  Tomatoes are
vibration or wind pollinated.  So if you shake the bagged blossoms daily,
they will self pollinate.  This is the way I save pure and genetically true
seed from heirlooms that are planted close together.  I have never had an
off type using this method.
Doreen Howard
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Date: Friday, December 10, 1999 8:21 PM
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>I understand (from Carolyn Male) that the currant tomatoes aren't a good
>if you're planning to save seeds from your other tomatoes.  As I recall,
>said that if you grow them within a mile of your other tomatoes, the odds
>there'll be cross pollination, and the other seeds won't be true.  Her
>explanation was far more detailed, but that's all I remember (as a newbie
>hasn't caught on to Tomato-ese yet).  You might want to get feedback from
>more knowledgeable tomato folks if you're a seed saver!