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<< Tom, I'm a neophyte, but what was the ph before you added the lime?  Did 
 soil need the lime?  I was told the tomatoes like acidic soil, so what is
 the ph now, and why do you call it a "problem"?
Fall of 97, the ph was 6.6
Spring 98, added 10 lbs of lime (160 sq ft)
Summer 98, mulched tomatoes with 4" thick layer of pine needles
Fall of 98, the ph was 5.1

I had a problem with blossom-end rot and cracking fruit in that summer.

The National Gardening Assoc. recommended a ph of 5.4 - 6.7 for tomatoes 
(second hand info passed on to  me).  
Agriculture:  "The best way to avoid blossom-end rot is to maintain proper 
calcium levels and the proper balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.  
Because low soil pH tends to reduce calcium levels, growers should maintain 
their garden pH at or near 6.5."