Re: [tomato] Gardens alive?

Kristina Fritz (
Wed, 5 Jan 2000 09:47:23 -0800 (PST)

I checked on my bags of Tomatoes Alive! Plus and
Vegetables Alive!, *AND* in my Gardens Alive catalog,
and they are ALL labelled "100% Organic" plant food. 
So it appears to me that your statement that they make
no statement is incorrect.

Furthermore, the labelling includes NPK contents.  I'm
sure if you actually took the time to ask the company,
they would have gladly provided this information. 
Nevertheless, the minimum guaranteed NPK of Tomatoes
Alive! Plus is 6-4-1.  Additional calcium (8.79%) and
magnesium (1.64%) is included because they believe
these will make the plant more robust.  The NPK of
their standard vegetable fertilizer is 4-3-1.

> As I recall, their shipping & handling costs are
> quite high. Some of their
> products, such as Escargo are very good. I question
> their products such as
> "tomatoes alive!" vegetables alive, etc. There's no
> information on what the
> NPK contents are, or where they're from. Note they
> don't actually claim to
> be organic, but "environmentally responsible." That
> means "trust them"...
> The SoilGuard microbial fungicide sounds very
> promising, but expensive at
> $12.95 per 1/4 lb packet (enough to protect 200 feet
> of garden row)...Keep
> your eyes open. Margaret L

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