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There are lots of good sources for tomatoes on the web. One of my
favorites (and has the most listings -- 400 for 2000; I just got my
printed catalog and am drooling!) is "Pomodori di Marianne". She's an
experienced seed saver in Tennessee and grows out 100% of her varieties
organically--and in sufficient quantity for each vareity to promote
genetic diversity in her population. The emphasis is on flavor, (great
paste varieties) and she brings a cook's tastebuds to her evaluations. I
have been very satisfied with the seed I have bought from her. (I have
no commercial interest, etc., etc., -- just a happy buyer who thinks she
should be better known by the online community of tomato "nuts"!). Her
address is:

Catharine/Atlanta, zone 7b

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> what type of TASTY tomatoes to try to grow.  I've heard of one
> called'Tommy Toe', which I'll give a try, but I fancy growing some
> 'heirlooms. Any ideas?

I was really impressed with CASPIAN PINK tomato last season. I had
disease problems (could have been my soil or infected seed) but I
noticed that most of the major seed companies are carrying it this
year...I'm going to try is BIG and full of flavor. Don't know
how it will do in Perth?????