Re: [tomato] TASTY tomato

Ian Stoba & Laurie Mandigo-Stoba (
Thu, 6 Jan 2000 14:00:17 -0500

>At 08:41 AM 1/6/2000 -0600, you wrote:
>>> what type of TASTY tomatoes to try to grow.  I've heard of one
>>> called'Tommy Toe', which I'll give a try, but I fancy growing some
>>> 'heirlooms. Any ideas?
>>I was really impressed with CASPIAN PINK tomato last season. I had
>>disease problems (could have been my soil or infected seed) but I
>>noticed that most of the major seed companies are carrying it this
>>year...I'm going to try is BIG and full of flavor. Don't know
>>how it will do in Perth?????
>It was not impressive in Boise, Id., nor in Kars, Ontario. Margaret L

It also did poorly for me in New York.  However our early June heat wave,
drought, and two hurricanes did nasty things to all of my tomatoes.  I'd
have to say the Silvery Fir Tree's did the best at managing to set fruit in
severe early heat while all the rest were dropping their flowers.

Regards, Laurie
Wappingers Falls, NY