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Yes, and although someone told me they were good, they didn't do anything
for me here.  I'm in South Florida, the ground stays warm anyway.  The holes
for "irrigation" kept getting plugged with dirt and other debris.  The
collars aren't that big and don't conserve that much water.  You're much
better off mulching with an organic or plastic mulch.

Pete, South Florida, Zone 10

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I'm usually just a lurker & am a novice gardener.  This year will only be my
second.  Had alot of fun growing tomatoes last year & received an ad for
something called tomato boosters.  They are a black plastic collar that has
reservoir surrounding the whole that the tomato plant comes through. They
the reservoir is made for drip irrigation, that is has a cup for granular
fertilization and that the collar helps with cutworms & weeds.  They sell
6 for $9.00.  The price sounds reasonable.  Has anyone used them?