Re: [tomato] Grape tomatoes

margaret lauterbach (
Sat, 22 Jan 2000 06:58:27 -0700

At 03:57 AM 1/22/2000 PST, you wrote:
>My wife came home last night with a container of "Grape" tomatoes.  They are 
>a small cherry, shaped like a grape, but tasted very nice.  Best tomato I 
>have ever had during the winter.  A farmer I know down the road tells me he 
>grows these during the summer and can't keep them in stock the demand is so 
>The questions are:  has anyone grown them?  Do they taste great in the 
>summer?  Even more important, does anyone have any seeds to trade (I have a 
>ton of heirloom tomatoe & pepper seeds plus the only kale that tastes good 
>(cavolo nero).  I saw some seeds at, but don't particularly 
>feel like paying $2 plus the usual ripoff shipping & handling charge.
>Bill McKay in E. Massachusetts

Are they called Green Grape? I grew those once, but was put off by the
sickly yellow color when they were ripe. They weren't good enough to
overlook that. Riesentraube cherry tomatoes (with a nipple at the blossom
end) are some of my new favorite cherry tomatoes. Where did you get the
cavolo nero seeds and how do you prepare that for human consumption?
Thanks, Margaret L