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Sun, 23 Jan 2000 19:45:48 EST

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<< The questions are:  has anyone grown them?  Do they taste great in the 
 summer?  Even more important, does anyone have any seeds to trade (I have a 
 ton of heirloom tomatoe & pepper seeds plus the only kale that tastes good 
 (cavolo nero).  I saw some seeds at seedsman.com, but don't particularly 
 feel like paying $2 plus the usual ripoff shipping & handling charge. >>

You can just take some seeds from those grape tomatoes that you bought and 
plant them if you want more. They are supposed to be a hybrid but so far 
everyone that I know that has tried to grow them from bought tomatoes gets 
plants the produce the same tomatoes. There are two grape like tomatoes 
offered in the catalogs. Juliet and Santa, but they are both hybrids. This 
year I will be growing F3 grape tomato seeds someone sent me, grape tomato 
seeds I saved from tomatoes I bought and Santa and Juliet so it will be 
interesting to compare the different plants. 

Michelle Reindl
Southern California, zone 9