Re: [tomato] Rotating planting location?

margaret lauterbach (
Tue, 15 Feb 2000 07:15:21 -0700

Tom, if you have no soil-borne diseases affecting your tomato plants, don't
rotate. And don't till. Last year's tomatoes set mycorrhizae for this
year's tomatoes, and tilling would tear that up. They have prepared the way
for this year's tomatoes, in other words.  Margaret L

At 11:16 PM 2/14/2000 EST, you wrote:
>I don' t know whether it was this list or a different one (gardens or OGL?), 
>but there was a discussion a while back on whether it is really necessary to 
>rotate where you plant tomatoes.   I've planted in the same location for the 
>last four years.  I can't say there's much difference now than when I used
>Do most of you rotate your tomato patch?  What precautions do you take for 
>healthy plants?  I'm just curious.  It's getting close to the time when I 
>have to finalize my garden plans.
>New varieties I'm growing this will be Santa Hybrid, Classica, Howard
>Monte Carlo, Rutgers, Sun Leaper and Arkansas Traveler.  I'll also grow
>Million and Viva Italia.
>Zone 7, Raleigh, NC