Re: [tomato] Mr. Strippy Tomato

Betsy & Wigi Tozzi (
Thu, 17 Feb 2000 03:41:54 -0900 (AKST)

Hi Michael,

Welcome to the Tomato list! Your question is just fine for posting here.
I am providing you contact info for a supplier of Mr. Stripey (below), but
also was wondering how you went about saving your seed from previous
crops.  I am surprised that you haven't gotten any germination, so I am
wondering if your method might be killing the seeds. So... how have you
been saving tomato seed in the past?  Have you had good luck with seed you
have saved of other varieties?  

You can purchase seed for Mr. Stripey from Tomato Growers Supply.  It is
listed under "Bi-Colors."  Their website can be found at:

Select the link for Bicolors and you should find it.  Alternatively, you
may call them at their toll-free phone number and either order the seeds
(Catalog #4735 Mister Stripey (Tigerella) priced at $1.60 for 30 seeds).
The toll free phone number is:

There are many other vendors who sell either Mr. Stripey, Tigerella, or
other tiger-striped varieties, if you want to do a larger scale search.  I
am in no way affiliated with Tomato Growers -- I am only a satisfied
customer, and have no financial incentive for  recommending them.

Fairbanks, Alaska (USDA Zone 2/3)

 On Thu, 17 Feb 2000, Michael wrote:

> I am new to this mailing list so please excuse me if I am out of line here, 
> and please correct me if I am.

<... some text removed here & elsewhere for brevity... >

> I have a question.  Has anyone seen seeds for Mr. Strippy tomatoes?
> These are a yellow tomato about the size of 6-8oz each with red stripes 
> going from top to bottom with a lightening bolt design.
> I have found them for the last 2 years as seedlings but the seeds that I 
> haverst from the fruit never germinate.