Re: [tomato] Caspian Pnk @ Brandywine

Ian Stoba & Laurie Mandigo-Stoba (
Thu, 17 Feb 2000 18:39:16 -0500

I grew your seed, but had the worst year ever for tomatoes.  We had two
very hot spells early in the season which caused significant blossom drop.
Three separate times all of my blossoms dropped off (on the Caspian Pink as
well as several other varieties).  I had some Silvery Fir Tree tomatoes
that managed to set early fruit, but they had a bit of shade from the
porch, and I suspect this helped them.  When I finally did get fruit set
and nearly ripened, our months long drought ended with torrential rains.
Much of my fruit rotted on the plants despite all my efforts.  The Caspian
Pinks were a bit worse on this one, maybe because of the large fruits with
all the nooks and crannies.  I don't believe a got to eat a single one, so
I won't speak on the taste.

Sorry not to be more helpful!

Regards, Laurie
Wappingers Falls, NY

>I offered free seeds for Caspian Pink tomato to a bunch of you last
>year. I asked that you let me know how it grew for you, and not
>suprisingly, I did not receive one response.
>I grew a a couple of plants of Caspian Pink, and I also grew a
>couple of Brandywine plants which I found at the local ("Eagle-
>Lowes Hardware store")
>Both varieties had about the same amount of fruit, the fruits varied
>in size from 8 to 25 ounces, and they both tasted wonderful. My
>only difference between the two varieties is that the Caspian Pink
>seemed to be slightly more acidic.
>Any comments, pro or con are appreciated.
>Dave Anderson
>Tough Love Chile Co.
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