RE: [tomato] Tomato Questionaire Form

Dave Anderson (
Sun, 19 Mar 2000 18:18:46 -0800

Hi Catherine and Pete,

I would like to see the comparisons/evaluations which you received 
on Caspian Pink and Brandywine. I looked at your forms and they 
are great but much more complex than I plan to use. Pete, I 
recommend that you take a look at the forms if you want to do 
some serious evaluations and see if Catherine will let you borrow 

My intention is to use the type of form which Jim Waltrip of 
Petoseed, now Seminis Vegetable sends with his samples. It asks 
for variety grown, rating from 1 to 5 with 5 being excellent, 
comments, and would it sell in your market which I will change to 
will you grow it again?

Catherine, I plan to furnish both Caspian Pink and Brandywine 
sees. If anyone is interested, I can send descriptions from my new 
Seminis Catalog. I can probably even scan the images of both and 
post the images at my website.

Trying to keep it simple:-)

> I'd be very happy to forward you all the comparisons/evaluations various
> members of the 'Internet Tomato Gang' have to make (or have already
> made) for Caspian Pink and Brandywine. The forms people have been using
> are at the ITT web site, if something like that works for what you're
> looking for in the way of information.
> Quick question: any particular Brandywine strain you want compared? With
> at least 6 (pink or red) you might want to separate out the various
> strains for comparison purposes.
> If you'd rather post on your website, I'll set up a link from the ITT
> site if that works for you. Lemme know.
> Catharine
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