RE: [tomato] Toaster Oven

Richard Yarnell (
Sat, 25 Mar 2000 20:52:59 -0800 (PST)

ANYTHING that has "Toaster" before or after "Oven" won't work very well.
It takes up to three times as long to toast as a conventional toaster
which has the elements with in mm's of the bread.  They're cheap enough to
have one just for toast.

On Sat, 25 Mar 2000, Pete wrote:

> Thanks, Mary-Anne,  Welbilt comes close, they have a unit that has
> everything except the Rotisserie.  They also have a unit that does it
> all.....but it is not marketed for toast, the salesman told me that it
> wouldn't be cost effective to toast in it.  Like I said, I can't condone
> buying another oven, but we do need a toaster.  It would be nice if it had
> extra features.
> Thanks for the input,
> Pete

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