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Thomas Giannou (
Wed, 5 Apr 2000 15:16:46 -0700

Dear Todd,

One of the things I've been noticing between tomato plants and pepper plants
and cool weather is that the peppers are a hardier plant.  That seems to be
consistent with your account.  I have also observed that young tomato plants
are much more sensitive to the cold temps and the exposure doesn't have to
be very long.   Frost doesn't have to form on tomato plants in order for
very young plants to die.   I suspect that with very young unaclimatized
tomato plants that a drop in temps of 15+ degrees (maybe even less than
that) would be enough to give them a nasty shock resulting in high losses.
I've seen that happen to young tomato starts that I have started much
earlier in the year inside my home.

Thomas - zone 5.

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> I am not sure exactly what has happened here.  In about a week or so we
> were prepared to set out our tomato plants, (80 plants).  They all were
> looking good and about a foot tall growing inside the greenhouse.  Right
> before coming in last night I watered them all real good and closed the
> door to the greenhouse.  It dropped down to freezing last night and
> there was some frost on the ground outside.  While the greenhouse is not
> heated and certainly not airtight I just don't see how it could have
> gotten to them.  There is also a tray of pepper seedlings, (about 50)
> that were up about an inch that were not affected.  Now I will have to
> overnight some more seeds to make another quick start.  Any opinions out
> there?
> Todd Panter
> "Panter Organic Farm"