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John Sorge (
Fri, 7 Apr 2000 16:53:20 -0500

I would have a lid for a potting bench if I were to design one, something
like a hinged lid on a desk that lowers for writing, but secures the top
part of the desk in a folded position.  There would be a place below for
potting soil.  The potting area would have 6 inch tall sides to prevent
making messes.  You need places for scoops, labels, pens, pencils, shears,
and records.
John Sorge
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> At 07:31 AM 4/7/2000 PDT, you wrote:
> >Hi everyone!  I am a student at Auburn University currently designing a
> >better bench for gardeners.  As part of my research phase, I am trying to
> >get as much information from the gardening community about what they
> >like to see in their "dream" potting bench.  I am also interested in
> >about problems you may have with your current bench so that I may improve
> >upon it.  I appreciate any thoughts/suggestions anyone might have...
> >
> >thanks-- jamie
> Hi, Jamie. I use my potting bench in a lean-to greenhouse, and it's a
> plastic rolling bench that does not have swivel castors. That would be one
> improvement. Another would be someplace secure to hold pens or pencils and
> pot labels.There is one shelf, that is near the floor. An intermediate
> shelf would be welcome, too. Margaret L