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An update to that 1998 article...  this whole situation has now been changed
in the State of Washington since the date of that news article.  All
fertilizers are now required to pass a heavy metals test for 9 heavy metals
before they can be registered in the State of Washington.  New laws have
been put in place governing fertilizers that can be sold in this state.
Last year, when the law went into effect, a lot of fertilizers were no
longer present on the shelves in retail stores across the state.

I have spoken to two fertilizer companies who have registered their
fertilizers in the State of Washington and they both complained about how
difficult it was to get everything done before being allowed to sell their
fertilizers in this state.  They were both in compliance with Washington
State Laws, but there is quite a process to go through before a given
fertilizer is sold in this state.  At least we know that the fertilizers
being sold in this state are not some kind of dumping ground for heavy
metals or other toxic waste products.

Most states do not require this kind of testing and you can be sure that
what was in that news article is still taking place in other states in the
US.   The $85 analysis paid by the times is also a thing of the past.  It's
now more like $240.

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Thomas Giannou - zone 5
Spokane, Washington

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> If you are interested in the subject of unsafe fertilizers check out this
> article and the links at the end of the article.  I just checked it and it
> still comes up.
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