Re: [tomato] fertilizers?

margaret lauterbach (
Sun, 09 Apr 2000 11:15:25 -0600

Mary-anne, use soymeal or corn gluten meal (not where you'll plant seeds
though) or alfalfa meal. I got excellent results out of a 50% blend of
alfalfa meal and 50% packaged steer manure. You don't have to dig it in,
let the worms do it.  Margaret L

At 12:44 PM 4/9/2000 EDT, you wrote:
><< Subject: Re: [tomato] Fertilizer Caution >>  Thank you for posting this.  
>I especially will warn my son about Ironite as they have a 3 y/o and a 6 mo. 
>as well as a dog.
>I couldn't find any mention of Osmocoate in this article and tests.  I 
>recently bought some as I am fearful of over fertilizing.  I burned up some 
>plants last year even when I diluted some Shultz to 1/2 recommended strength.
>I guess the best way is to buy the bags of chicken poop or cow poop and dig 
>it in.  Only problem is I think this must be done months before planting and 
>I am ready to plant now.  Last year I just dumped in another bag of
>Gro-mulch and dug it in (well I mean hubby dug it in *grin*) but I did point!
>My fear of what to do and not to do has left me doing nothing.  Poor babies 
>need to be feed.  At this point they only are getting diluted fish in their