Re: [tomato] Fertilizers

William McKay (
Mon, 10 Apr 2000 09:07:58 PDT

Don't know where you live, but check if there is an agway farm store in the 
area (I suspect they are only found in New England).  In any case, they sell 
a pelletized chicken manure (4-3-4) which works extremely well with tomatoes 
(along with just about anything else.  No way you can over fertilize and the 
stuff breaks down over the course of the year so you will never run out of 
fertility as happens with chemicals. However, if you look around, I am sure 
you will find similar products.  I remember reading that someone started a 
plant on the DELMARVA Peninsula to turn chicken poop/waste into a pellitized 

Bill McKay in E. Massachusetts

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>CA is a lot stricter on home garden stuff than most any other state.
>High phosphour like that Shultz 10-50-10 will burn plants. I used some of
>their 5-30-5 in a 10% solution and burned plants.
>That bagged steer is very high in sodium.

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